Blog 4 CS-443

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This article is about a software tester who is trying to help those new to the field to avoid some mistakes that he has experienced in his career. Some of these mistakes and pitfalls that the author highlights are things like running out of test ideas for a project, missing simple little mistakes, self doubt about issues in the program, and the priority of what to test in a program. For each of these mistakes that an inexperienced tester can run into, the author gives a few examples of what someone can do to in such a situation. One thing the author mentions is when you may be lost on what the testing goal is to ask plenty of relevant questions to help you understand. It is better to admit you’re not clear about something in the project and ask for clarification about it, then to be ignorant of that actual goal. I agree with the author as well on his point about a testers self doubt about a bug they think they have found but are uncertain. In this situation, the author suggests a practice I personally use as well; take a break from the project and come back with a “fresh set of eyes”. This break from the testing gives you time to clear your mind and come back to the project with a new focus. One thing that I learned from this author was the concept of BCA(Brute Cause Analysis) in which two people work together, with one person brainstorming possible bugs and the other thinking about the different ways those bugs could manifest. This can be a very good idea because it is always helpful to be able to see a problem(or bug) from another person’s perspective. One final thing that the author suggests is to trust in your gut when you think you may have found a bug but are not sure. In the worst case you simply find out that it could have been something you did wrong, or in the better case your gut could have payed off.


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