Time to “Be the Worst”

My blog post this week will be on the Apprenticeship Pattern “Be the Worst”, in which the idea is that you may have outgrown your current team and possibly even the entire job. If this is the case and you wish to grow as an apprentice, then you need to find a new team or job in which you are the novice again. I like the premise behind this because it is pointing out to the reader to be humble; you may have grown complacent where you are and to truly grow you need to be tested in a way you can’t currently. One thing the author goes on to do is reference a drawing in the article saying of it “shows that as the weakest member of the team, you should be working harder than anyone else”. To me, looking back at the previous work experiences I’ve had, this is what I would do without even thinking about it in that sense. In working this way, starting as someone new in the company or industry, while I may have been very inexperienced, my drive to learn and to grow showed through to my bosses. I did this similar to how the author points out by, “…mimicking the stronger developers until you are on the same level”, or finding the best people at the job and asking how they would handle a situation. While my aim might not have been for it, this effort resulted in several promotions in a short span of time, clearly showing if the effort is there then someone is going to notice. Something that the author points out about this approach though is that is very much a “sink or swim” method, which can work great or you could possibly find yourself drowning. I like how the author also points out that as an apprentice you should not be so focused on the big promotions or the high paying positions but those positions which will result in you learning the most; “…as an apprentice, you should typically look to be led”. Overall,what I liked about and, feel this pattern was primarily trying to get the point across to the reader to not let your road be easy, but rather challenge yourself. To work from the bottom up because that effort will show through both in your work and to those above you.

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