Sprint 4 Retrospective

For this sprint, my team and I continued our work on trying to mock the server aspect of the project so as to give other teams a way to test their code. We had followed the tutorials on nock to make sure we understood the way that it worked and how we would have to translate it over. However when we went to the AMRS code to try to find something to try to mock we ran into some problems. Going through the code, there is a lot of moving parts to each element with the program which made mocking just one thing look like it may not be possible. Not only that but almost everything we found looking through the code, returned html responses from the ng-AMRS server they have set up already. For example one of the main things we looking into mocking was the patient-creation-resource part of the simple App, since it seemed to be one of the smaller files and less requirements/calls to other classes. In trying to mock one of the methods from this, this is where we started to feel that this may be a little too high of a task for us without the AMRS server itself. I feel as though if we had access to their already made server and could have just mocked the tests at that point we would have had much better success. There were just too many moving parts to each thing for our current way that we planned on mocking to be realistic. During this sprint though, I feel we were able to work more on the project and were actually making headway till we hit the wall on what we could actually wind up mocking. At the end of this sprint we also started talking about the possibility that we might not be able to achieve what we set out to do originally, so we also started looking at the bottom navigation bar element that still needed to be completed. We chose this as our backup and I had started to get some of the smaller stuff out of the way for that. I have gotten together all of the CSS and HTML components for the bottom navigation bar with what was provided from Greg Schmidt on the Zeplin app. Since this seems to be the direction we will be heading in the next sprint I felt it was smart to try to get ahead on some of the smaller/easier stuff. What I will need to be looking into and finding out how it works is the button elements that Greg Schmidt wants and how I can recreate them.

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