Reflect as You Work

My blog post this week is on the Apprenticeship Pattern “Reflect as You Work”, which you could probably guess talks about how you should review your work. Right off the bat, the author talks about how you need to be able to look at everything you do at work and be able to dissect it. I like this idea because this is how I feel that I try to look at several aspects of my life. You need to be able to break a situation down and figure out what made that particular thing good or bad, and if it was bad how to improve on it next time. This translates over to your work, with every project you work on, you need to look back at it and be able to be impartial. The point to being impartial while reviewing your work is to be able to know when you did not do a good job and know how you can improve on that so it does not happen again. One way that the author points out is the idea of Personal Practices Map, in which people “consciously writing down the things they do and the connections between them”. I like this idea for several reasons with one of them just being the fact of visualizing your work and practices. With a visual representation of your work you can now spot weaknesses or flaws that you may have and be able to address them. One thing that the author pointed out which I liked was to not only do this for yourself, but to watch other journeymen and master craftsmen and reflect on their work in the same way. Another reason why the author points out that this form of self reflection is useful is because of the idea of “anti-experience” or the idea that additional years of experience only reinforce bad habits or practices. While I try to do a version of this where I try to reflect on my work, I do not write it down but only think about it. Instead, I think the idea of writing it down instead will be more beneficial and a practice that I will start to use.

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