Sprint 5 Retrospective

For this sprint, our team decided we needed to work on something else then just the server to be able to run tests for other teams, instead taking on the issue of the bottom navigation bar. For this we started looking into what we could do to design this and Andrew Finneran was able find a “widget” that is supported by Angular that we would be able to use. This widget, called “Ignite UI”, was then added to the project and we were able to add the actual elements of the bottom navigation bar. The Ignite UI allows us to do this by importing a module for the bottom navigation bar which then allows us to add html code linked to the module which creates the bar. One of the last things we have to do for this bottom navigation bar is to create the styles that Greg Schmidt had provided to us, viewable in the Zeplin app. From what was provided I was able to create a CSS document with the styles needed, however the way that Ignite UI uses styles is not quite the same. First it requires that we use SCSS, which is a superset of CSS(source), which meant that changing the CSS over to the SCSS was as easy as changing the file name. However, when it came to applying these styles we were, and are still, experiencing problems with getting it to apply to specific portions of the element that we want. This has been tested through attempts to change color schemes and text sizes of specific portions of the page but to little success. The styles keep applying to large portion of page and not for example the small icon inside the start button which we want to change. One of the reasons our group also chose the bottom navigation bar was because as best could be told through the videos provided by Greg Schmidt and what was on Zeplin, the bottom navigation bar seems to be used throughout the mockup. As part of that, we had been discussing about asking other groups for what they have completed as an attempt to integrate what they have completed with our add-on. Part of the reasoning behind this as well was to make sure our widget we found would be able to work fine with what others have been working on. This sprint too, more than any others, I feel we have finally started working well as a development type team and you can see where some people are taking more command of situations. This also goes for team planning with a lot more discussion both in what someone has gotten done since the last time we met, as well as what each person is going to try to work on before the next meeting.

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